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View The Vibrant City The Vibrant City
12 September 2016 TO 31 March 2017
See the city through the eyes of artists; this exhibition will contain artworks from the Art Museum’s permanent collection that depict Nelson Mandela Bay. 

The exhibition explores how artists, both past and present, have depicted Nelson Mandela Bay. Works on show include examples from the Art Museum’s historical collection showing the development of the harbour from a wooden block house in 1799 to a busy industrial hub. More recent works by local artists Robert Brooks, Alexander Podlashuc and George Pemba show the modern city while contemporary photographic artworks by Rob Duker and Marc Shoul focus on the lives of people living in Nelson Mandela Bay

View Just Painting Just Painting
07 December 2016 TO 03 February 2017
The Friends of the Art Museum in conjunction with the NMM Art Museum presented an exhibition celebrating artistic excellence in the Eastern Cape. Local artists from across the Eastern Cape were invited to make and submit work to this exhibition. 

Artists selected include: Kader Abdulla, Zelda Alistoun, Kirsten Anderson, Michael Barry, Dina Bekker, Johan Bloom, Richard Blunt, Kathy Botha, Phillip Bowman, Anton Brink, Rose Buhr, "Henry V", Lynette Chesling, Belinda Joan Clark, Lee-Anne Contell, Courtney Dahler,  Debra De Beer, Beverly Dale De Lange, Bill De Lange, Llise Dodd, Lez Dor, Elize Du Buson, Jubilee Jade  Edwards,  Cathy Falconer, Cecelia Ferreira, Claire Joan Fulton, Wendy Gallie, Dawn Stella Graham, Brian Hammond De Villiers, Reinette Eve Harrington,  Anthony Harris, Renate Hartman, Houghmordeen Jansen, Frank GJ Japhta, Antonio Leeuwskieter, Emma Leistra, Wehrner Lemmer,  Lita Marais, Qhamanande Maswana Siyabulela, Peter Midlane, Bretten-Anne Moolman, Warren Francis Morris, Muso Musoabi, Khaya Ngcangca, Banele Njadayi, Msindisi Nyendwana, Sakumzi Nyendwana, Usen Obot, Vilia  Offerman, Rosemary Ogden, Megan Posait, Siyavuya Ralo, Joanne Reen, Heila Elaine Roos,  Glenda Sampson, Jonathan Silverman, Chanelle Staude, Duncan Stewart, Sonia Strumpfer, Hansa Kalavati Umley, Melanie  Vosloo, Louwrens Bouwer Westraad, Raymond John Westraadt , Barbara Woodhead, Steve Wynne, Sheree Lyn Young.

Please note: 
Submissions must be made at the Art Museum between 28 November 2016 and 02 December 2016.
Each submission must be accompanied by: A completed entry form.
Artists must ensure that their selling price includes this 20%.
Artists to insure their own work. 
Submitted works will be selected for the exhibition by a selection committee prior to the opening. Artists will be notified that their work has not been selected for the exhibition, and will have 3 days to collect their work from the Art Museum.

For more information and the entry form, click here for the entry form

The exhibition opening will be held on the 7 December at 17h30, all are welcome!

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